Samaya Consultants Ltd.

London, UK.

+44 20 3575 1010

Samaya Consultants Ltd.

London, UK.

+44 20 3575 1010

About us

Business Brokers based in the UK

Samaya Business Brokers is based in the UK and our firm focus is to assist our clients to successfully buy and sell their businesses. If you are considering buying or selling a business and want the knowledge and support of an experienced team, contact Samaya Business Brokers today.

More Industries = More Options

Samaya Business Brokers has experience in selling businesses in a wide range of industries including software, healthcare, professional services, manufacturing, engineering, technology, distributors, education, advertising/marketing, consulting, retail, security, importers, services and many more. Whatever your industry, our staff is experienced and ready to serve your needs today.

Our professional team of business brokers specializes in working with entrepreneurs to effectively manage the sale or purchase of their business. We assisted many clients with the successful sale and purchase of a wide variety of businesses while ensuring they reach their career and financial goals.

Samaya Business Broker offers our clients more, including:

  • Regional Exposure for Those Looking to Buy or Sell a Business
  • Outstanding Service and Support
  • Network of Local and International Resources
  • Confidential Business Sales
  • Experienced Negotiators
  • Professional Business Brokers and Advisors

Our Philosophy

Our business brokerage firm is based in London UK and serves both the local business community and entrepreneurs around the globe. Samaya Business Brokers focuses on providing an easy and efficient method of buying and selling businesses. From the first step to the last, our team will work side by side with you to finalize the deal and move towards your goals. With Samaya Business Brokers, normally the seller pays for our fees, not the buyer. It’s how we do business and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Business Broker FounderRoger Lundgren is the CEO and founder of Samaya Consultants Ltd. He started his career in Publishing and helped drive a start-up company to become one of Sweden’s largest magazine publishers. He went on to co-found an Internet marketing company in the pioneering 90′s, setting marketing trends in the business. As an Entrepreneur he has been involved in various startups in the real estate, app tech, financing and call center / BPO industry, He has constantly been travelling around the world gaining experiences and expanding his network.

He was born in Sweden but lived in London, Hong Kong, Caribbean, Gibraltar, Philippines and Indonesia. Needless to say one of his key assets is his global network.

Roger has also dedicated a lot of time to social change. He strongly believes that humanity has all the tools and power and make the world a much better place.

Feel free to contact Roger Lundgren directly via email: Roger.Lundgren@samayabrokers.com or

Phone: +44 – 20 3575 1010

Connect With Us

To learn more about Samaya Business Brokers and what our team can do for your business today, contact us via email at info@samayabrokers.com and let one of our professionals assist you and provide a no-obligation FREE consultation.