Beach Resort in San Remigio , North Cebu.

Mediterranean inspired resort that sits on a cozy and naturally white sand beach property with clear blue ocean water. It has a three storey building overlooking the beach, houses 20 hotel suites, and another 5 freestanding bungalows give a total of 25 functioning guest rooms. The resort is classified as a Class “A” resort by the Dep’t of Tourism. Beach Resort is 1 ha land area with around 90 beds.

The hotel is located in San Remigio which is around 110 km north of Cebu City.

The Hotel is fully furnished with leather chairs and tables, designed by Ernest Hemingway from his Safari Collection. All rooms have oil paintings, antique cabinets, and desks. 7 rooms have TV’s and Satellite Dishes. All rooms are built in steel reinforced concrete, typhoon proof foundation, and concrete roof slab. Some renovations and upgrades are due and some rooms are not open for guests.

The buyer has two options as specified below:

1) 1 Ha Beach Resort with all buildings, pool, bars, etc. Pesos 75 Million

2) 4,22 ha Beach Resort and Slope, all buildings, pool, bars, etc and 3 hectare additional land on the south side of the resort with private access road included. Peso 140 million. for more information and pictures.