Precision sheet parts factory for sale in Manila.

Located in an economic Zone south of Manila we have an ISO certified factory with the strictest quality management systems in place. The company specializes in the manufacturing of precision sheet metal fabrication parts and mechanical assembly. They produce metal cabinets, chassis, metal racks, power racks, metal panels, CNC punched parts and more.

The company has been honored with awards for excellence in supplies, services and performance.

The company has many well-known customers in its portfolio and all of them have long-term contracts.

The factory has around 160 employees with 2 shifts.

Total area: 42,000 sq ft.

Before any additional information can be provided Samaya Business Brokers requires that all potential interested buyers sign a non-disclosure agreement on behalf of a request by the seller to protect and not disturb the ongoing successful operation.

Price 8,5 Million USD


Phone: +44 – 20 3575 1010, Roger Lundgren