For sale is a trendy, original and charming Korean cosmetics brand. They represent positive transformation and encourage natural beauty by enhancing one’s features using their products. The products are innovative, unique and of excellent quality that anyone can afford.

Training materials are updated on a regular basis and the principal supports with all marketing materials like product and model shots to help us promote the brand. They also provide perspectives and designs for store spaces.

For sale is a package of the exclusive rights for the market of the Philippines together with stock and 6 shops already in operation in and around Manila.

Before any additional information can be provided Samaya Business Brokers requires that all potential interested buyers signs a non-disclosure agreement on behalf of a request by the seller to protect and not disturb the ongoing successful operation.
Price 6,000,000 Pesos
Skype: rogerlundgren
Cellphone Philippines: 0929-793 0650