Are you planning to sell your business?

The first thing entrepreneurs ask themselves when they decide to sell their business is whether they should try to find a buyer themselves or ask a business broker to assist them. It is normally very tempting to try to find the buyer yourself most successful entrepreneurs are very confident and they believe they can succeed with everything in life but there are different aspects to consider when selling a business and reality can be very different than you initially think.

Selling a business can be a long process and it do take a lot of time to work through all the tyre kickers. We believe it is very important that you as a business owner focus on driving your business and making sure it performs well and keeps growing rather than take your eyes off the ball and start working on selling your business. This can very quickly take up a lot of your time and could potentially cause damage to your income and thus decrease the value of your company which can take a lot of effort to recover from!

It is a for most business owners a good idea to keep it confidential that you are looking to sell your business, This could be for various reasons such as you don’t want your staff, suppliers or customers to know about what is going on. It is important not to disturb any business relationships. This is where we come in and make sure we protect your corporate identity during the process.

We suggest you contact us to set up a call or a meeting for a FREE consultation about how our services can assist you in achieving your goals with your business exit. We normally only charge a ‘success fee’ once we close the sale of your business so there are no upfront costs for you to consider.